Welcome to Bronte Capital

Bronte Capital is an Australian and USA licensed global fund manager.

We are currently licensed in Australia to invest for non-retail clients in global equity, debt and derivative markets.

Bronte is primarily an investor in equities - and at almost all times the bulk of our portfolio will be investments in common stocks in global markets. Our policy is to disclose to a great degree how we have invested your money. If we are still accumulating or disposing of a stock we may limit our disclosure in the interests of our clients - though it is unlikely we will do so to any substantial extent.

More broadly, we are opportunistic investors. Bronte short sells common stocks as a hedge of our portfolio or for profit including taking small positions in frauds, fads and failures. Generally we will disclose the size and and risk in those positions but (as the investment case is often contingent on fraud) we may refrain from disclosing positions.

Bronte will also invest in debt markets where the debt has the character of equity. For example defaulted debt trading at high discounts is usually the end-owner of a business and hence debt positions should be analysed in the same manner as equity investments.

We invite all serious inquiries.

John Hempton and Simon Maher.