Started in 2009, Bronte Capital is a Sydney-based Global long/short fund manager founded by John Hempton and Simon Maher.

John left Platinum Asset Management as its youngest partner with a view that the short-termism of the investment community presented an opportunity to invest for the medium-term and generate sustainable returns. Bronte looks through daily price moves for the true strengths and weaknesses of a company within its industry. 

Bronte Capital chose to base itself out of the noise of New York or London to allow our true views to evolve without the interference of the street.


Why Bronte

Bronte focuses on generating alpha from both its long and short portfolio in a unique, uncorrelated and sustainable manner. Its investments consist principally of listed equity and equity-related securities that are traded publicly ensuring maximum liquidity and transparency. Bronte has earned double-digit annualized returns since inception in 2009 with a low correlation to local indices. Bronte’s investment process has remained unchanged since inception.

Bronte Capital is an Australian-licensed and USA SEC-registered Global Fund Manager. 


What we do

Bronte seeks to construct a portfolio that will generate double-digit returns in the good times but significantly outperform when things get tough. We believe in buying businesses with sustainable, superior margins that can deliver returns on capital through the cycle and shorting companies that demonstrate inflated accounts or hopes. These two income streams deliver uncorrelated alpha consistently with substantial portfolio upside to downside tail events. 

If you share these objectives and have a time horizon of at least three years, investing with Bronte Capital may be suitable for you and we encourage you to learn more about our team and process.



Bronte use a wide range of traditional and non-traditional sources of ideas globally including:

  • Traditional Media,
  • Govt Policy or Regulatory Changes, 
  • Scientific & Medical literature, 
  • Industry & Peer Networks 
  • Social Media

Bronte does not subscribe to or utilize Broker Research because it believes in approaching potential investments free from pre-judgement. 

Then Bronte applies its unique database of people who have been associated with all number of financial misdemeanors; this humanizes the company giving us its past. Our experienced team looks for other red flags, such as cross-border listing, that we can overlay to our opportunity set, further enhancing our output.