Bronte Beach, looking north

Bronte Beach, looking north

We have included at left a library of writings by Bronte team members and others that both reflect and inform our thinking.

These include:

  • Prior Client Letters

    We prepare monthly reports relating to our funds and separately managed accounts. However we are not permitted by SEC regulations to publish monthly reports relating to the hedge funds (available to USA persons) we advise on our web site.

    These are a historical record of our separately managed account letters before they were amalgamated into our various funds in June 2014. (We can show the performance of our Australian Amalthea Fund here.)

  • A History of US Finance Since the 1970s

    This is an article that John Hempton wrote when at Platinum Asset Management in early 2007. It stands up fairly well however John thought that interest rate risk management (rather than credit) would be a substantial part of the crisis. He was wrong on that.

  • Submission to the Cooper Review of Superannuation in Australia

    This is a submission to a government inquiry on the running of Australia's privatised social security system. It concerns asset security and we have found these ideas extremely useful for anyone suddenly managing substantial financial assets.

    We believe this is a "must read" article for someone setting up a family office (say after the sale of a business) or alternatively a new trustee for a pension fund.

  • Ted Sieper paper from the 1980s on Policy Irrelevance and Monetary Policy

    Policy irrelevance is a fashion in academic economic circles. We are pretty sure it is wrong. Whatever: this paper has informed how we think about macro-policy generally and is useful. It has also been referred to in some blog posts.